How to restore Windows 8 or 8.1 in easy steps?

Did you ever think if your windows 8 or 8.1 is not working properly, then you can restore Windows 8 or 8.1 easily without losing your important data? If you do not know how then this article will help you in this.

Note: This article is to tell everyone how to restore windows 8 or 8.1 easily. This article provides you a screenshot of each and every step to guide you in the easiest way. Beginners also can follow these steps easily. Even though the process is the same for how to restore windows 10?

Steps for how to restore windows 8 or 8.1:

  1. First, we will press Windows + S and search for settings and select PC settings. (Note: There are several ways to open “PC SETTINGS” in Windows 8 or 8.1 like we can open it from Start Menu, we can open it by just moving the mouse to the top right or bottom right corner to appear the settings Charm, we can open it using control panel options.) This is the first step in the process of how to restore windows 8?

2. In the process of how to restore windows 8? We will select “PC settings” from the search and after that, we will select the “Update and recovery” option to proceed further. This option will appear at the last in the option’s list. This option’s position gets change from windows to windows, As it may be at different positions in windows 10.

3. This time we will select the “Recovery” option which is the third option from the left panel and it will show some options in the right panel. We will select the “Remove everything and reinstall Windows” option for a fresh start and it does not need any bootable Pen drive and Windows DVD for reinstallation process.

4. After clicking on “Get started” it will show something like below where we will read all the instructions carefully and then will proceed. If you do not want to proceed with this then cancel it and proceed with other options which are better for you.

Note: You can choose the option “Refresh your PC without affecting your files”.

5. Now in this step we will choose “Clean the drive fully”. This process will take some time and will reinstall the windows with default settings, this default setting also known as factory settings.

6. In the process of how to restore windows 8 ? this is a very important step. Read the instructions carefully and click on the “Reset” button. Once you proceed with this option it will delete your all personal files, applications, and files history data.

7. Clicking on the “Reset” button will restart our system and prepare it. Preparing step is the step where it collects all the data which needs to be deleted during the reset process.

8. After preparing the system it will start our system to reset. In this process, it deletes our all personal data like music, videos, photos, and installed application for fresh startups.

Note: It deletes all data because we have chosen this option.

9. Once the system gets reset 100% it will start to get ready for our device. Meantime our system will load all necessary files to show the next interface for further setup.

10. After getting the device ready it will ask to select a few things like “Country of the region”, “App language”, “Keyboard layout” and “Time zone”. We will select all the things as per our needs and currently where we are residing.

11. Once we select the above things and click on the “Next” button it asks to accept “License terms” we just will click on the “I accept” button.

12. This is our final step in the process of how to restore windows 8, where our windows 8 or 8.1 has been restored successfully. Now we can set up our system as we want to set up like to give our “PC Name” to give a color to our PC.

13. It’s done to enjoy your fresh startup. Please note during the restore process your system architecture will same as earlier. It will not be changed, if it was 32-bit system architecture then it will be 32-bit.

What is the difference between system refresh, system reset, and advanced startup?

  • System Refresh: We go with system refresh when our system is not running well and facing issues due to improper shutdown. We want to refresh our system so that it can run smoothly without losing any personal data like personal files, audio, video, etc. System refresh does not change system architecture like if your windows are 64-bit system architecture then it will be 64-bit system architecture only.
  • System Reset: System reset is another type of fresh startup where we recycle our system or refresh it completely like factor settings. It removes all personal files and installed applications. However, it gives us an option to choose to remove personal files only or clean the drive completely. Like system refresh, it does not change system architecture.
  • Advanced Startup: Advanced startup is different from the other two methods. In this method, we need a device or disc (such as a USB drive or DVD). It changes our PC’s firmware settings, it changes our windows startup settings, or restores windows from a system image. On click, it restarts our system. In an advanced startup, we can choose different system architecture during the re-installation process. It offers us this facility to choose it because we use an external USB drive or windows DVD for installation.

How to restore windows process also known as how to reset windows? The whole process is the same different people use different terms.

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